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10.000 Km
Original Title: 10.000 Km
Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet
Genre: Comédia | Drama | Romance
Script: Carlos Marques-Marcet, Clara Roquet
Editing: Juliana Montañés
Production: Pau Brunet
Country of Production: Espanha
Year of Production: 2014
Running Time: 99'
Original Language: Espanhol| Catalão | Inglês
Cast: Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer

Alexandra and Sergi make love in their tiny Barcelona apartment. They’ve decided to have a baby, but find their plans dashed when Alex receives an offer for an artistic residency in Los Angeles. Understanding this may be Alex’s last chance to re-launch her photography career, the couple decides to put their plans on hold for a year. One year apart, with a continent between them, Alex and Sergi must rely on virtual communication to keep the flame of their relationship alive. But with their realities no longer shared and the touch of one another gone, the technology that has supposedly brought the world closer together may just tear them apart.

Director's Biography:
Born in Barcelona, Spain, Carlos Marques-Marcet started developing his unique voice at an early age. Carlos’s second short film «A munt i a vall» (The Mountain and the Valley) was awarded the INJUVE Young Creators Award. His third piece granted him the honour of participating in an exclusive workshop with legendary filmmakers Abbas Kiarostami and Victor Erice. It also took him, at age nineteen, to the Berlinale Berlin Talent Campus. Renowned Cahiers de Cinema selected «Udols», his fourth film, as 2008’s Best Short Film. In 2009, Marques shot his debut feature documentary, «De Pizarros y Atahualpas» (About Pizarros and Atahualpas). After being granted the prestigious La Caixa scholarship, Carlos Marques-Marcet moved to Los Angeles in order to study Film and Television in UCLA’s Master of Fine Arts program. In the U.S., Marques-Marcet has completed many short films including «I’ll Be Alone» and «Yellow Ribbon», which received among many other awards, a DGA recognition.

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