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Jorge Coira is a Spanish film-maker and writer. He shot his first amateur short-films in the 1980’s and started his professional career in the 1990’s. His educational background, mainly self-taught, was complemented by classes and workshops from teachers as Michael Radford, Allan Starski, Víctor Erice and Isaki Lacuesta. In addition, he took part in the Berlinale Talent Campus first edition.

His professional experience includes video, theatre, television and cinema. In television, besides his work in TV shows, publicity, music videos and having directed the first Galician telefilm, «Entre Bateas», his career focuses on Galician TV serials. Jorge Coira has also dedicated his work to another genre, the documentary, namely «Que culpa tiene el Tomate?», which premiered at MoMa, NY in 2009. In cinema grounds, he has directed some shortcuts, «Mofa e Befa en Grand Liquidación» and «O Matachín» stand out. The last one, «O Matachín» has been showcased in several international festivals and as won numerous awards. In 2004 he premiered his first feature film: «O Ano da Carracha». His next movie, «18 comidas», premiered in Spain in 2010, and has won several awards, has been selected for more than 30 international festivals and has premiered in more than 10 countries all around the world. The same movie was the winner of the DFH’s Food Films section of 2013.

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