Douro Film Harvest
Poster DFH 2014


The focus on wine and food thematics allows Douro Film Harvest, by displaying the best crops films, achieving its main objective: to promote the Douro Wine Region, assuming itself as "the only event of art, wine and food in Portugal".

The proximity between cinema, wine and food has been, throughout the history of the cinema, unquestionable. The food is now a cultural representation of diverse peoples and the wine is a product of extreme historical importance, following much of the various economic and sociocultural civilizations.

Thus, 2014 edition of the Douro Film Harvest bet, like the previous edition, in the films contest in the sections "Wine Films” and “Food Films”.

Entries will be accepted until September 15th.

For a first preview of the films and its consequent assessment they should be sent to the festival’s official website or for



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