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Original Title: Toastmaster
Director: Eric Boadella
Genre: Comédia | Drama
Script: Eric Boadella
Editing: Francesc Sitges-Sardà
Soundtrack: Ara Dabandjian
Country of Production: Estados Unidos e Espanha
Year of Production: 2013
Running Time: 78'min
Original Language: Inglês e Arménio
Director of Photography: Hermes Marco
Cast: David Hovann, Sevag Mahserejian, Kali Flanagan

Best Director (ZonaZine) – 17th Málaga Spanish Film Festival (Spain) Best Script (ZonaZine) – 17th Málaga Spanish Film Festival (Spain) Canal + Special Prize – 17th Malaga Spanish Film Festival (Spain) Best First Feature – 27th Wine Country Film Festival (Santa Rosa, CA USA) Opening Film at the 16th Washington Independent Film Festival (USA)

Uncle Kapriel lives as a recluse in Glendale, California, without any relative nearby. He foresees the visit of his nephew Alek, awaiting his mother’s second wedding, as the perfect opportunity to pass on the family tradition of the toastmaster. A ritual where a master of ceremonies has to share moments of joy, revive the spirit of the loved ones, and conduct the whole celebration with lyrical and clever toasts. Can Alek conduct his mother’s wedding like Kapriel’s grandfather, with grace and ease? But Alek has his own agenda for the weekend, and it’s not to learn the long-lost art of the toast. Alek wants to make a film about who he believes is the most dangerous man in the Armenian mafia, his Uncle Kapriel.

Director's Biography:
Eric Boadella is a self-taught filmmaker from Barcelona, Spain, currently based in Los Angeles. He is being recognized internationally for his first feature film, «Toastmaster». While showing his first awarded feature work to the world, Eric is already seeking co-producers for his second feature film project, «Dear Moon», a bizarre and genuine road trip to the Moon, planned to be a Spanish-USA-Mexico co-production. Additional credits include three experimental short films, numerous Music videos and a series of surprising music-short films.

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