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Deconstruint el vi catala
Original Title: Deconstruint el vi catala
Director: Raúl Deamo
Genre: Documentary
Script: Jordi González and Raúl Deamo
Editing: Raúl Deamo
Production: Manel Capdevila
Soundtrack: Pau Martí and Albert Recolons
Country of Production: Spain
Year of Production: 2013
Running Time: 53 min.
Original Language: Catalan
Director of Photography: David Vizcarro and David Momblan

- “Roots Award” in the International Most Festival 2013 (Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain) - Official Section International CineEscena Festival 2013 (Tenerife, Spain)

The film showcases a journey through the Catalan wine country accompanied by reflections of wine personalities. History, land, ecology, genetic uniqueness, local consumption... a halfway between a documentary and a report, this piece aims to rediscover a drink that reached the Catalonian Coast 2,700 years ago and that, nowadays, is an important symbol of the national identity and culture. «Desconstruint el Vi Catala» (Deconstructing Catalan Wine) is an independent and collaborative project carried out without public funds, a selfproduced documentary accomplished with the help of crowdfunding and patrons. Thus, the documentary was filmed with limited resources but with an absolute creative freedom and lot of passion.

Director's Biography:
Raúl Deamo, born in Barcelona, is a film producer with 10 years of experience at the University of Barcelona. Throughout his career, emphasis goes to a broad number of educational videos, science documentaries and interviews to remarkable personalities from the same university. Additionally, Raúl has developed some web and graphic design projects and collaborates as a writer in different comic projects and magazines. «Deconstruint el Vi Català» (Deconstructing Catalan Wine) is his first feature film in the documentary genre and is its most ambitious project up to now.

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